Elite Cheer Teams

Half Season (prep)

Beginners to All Star - Start HERE!

As we continue to evolve in our sport and industry – we have made a few modifications to enhance the training of team athletes. If you have never been part of an all-star team before – you’ll need to begin at the prep level. Our prep season will begin with placements in August (information packet available in July) with practices starting in September and running through April. The season will have a couple of months of training and learning routines for competition. Competitions start in January and end in April. We LOVE for all new athletes to get a jump start on training by beginning in tumbling classes. 

Full Season



  • Athletes have a strong understanding of fundamentals of All Star Cheer
  • Attend Local & National Competitions
  • Designed for the athlete who is an All-Star Veteran
  • Perfecting current skills
  • Additional time commitment for extra practices and reps, flyer stretching
  • Attendance expectations
  • End of Season Competitions: Eligible for the Regional Summit & US Finals


  • These athletes have been in an All-Star program for multiple years 
  • Mastery understanding of Fundamentals 
  • Athletes have skill sets in place and are focused on mastering execution 
  • Additional time commitment outside of scheduled practices to further skills (Stunt Reps, Flyer stretching, tumbling, strength training) 
  • Higher level of financial and time commitment 
  • Strict attendance expectations including vacation blackout dates prior to major bid competitions 
  • Attend Local & National Competitions 
  • End of Season Competitions: Summit or All-Star Worlds 


  • This team is created specifically to be highly competitive at WORLDS
  • Mastery understanding of Fundamentals
  • Athletes have skill sets in place and are focused on mastering execution
  • Additional time commitment outside of scheduled practices to further skills (Stunt Reps, Flyer stretching, tumbling, strength training)
  • Increased parent participation to help team mentors
  • Strict attendance expectations including vacation blackout dates prior to competitions and WORLDS


  • An understanding of Elite Cheer program, expectations, and standards of skill execution 
  • Knowledge of the Score Sheet Rubric & USASF Safety/Skill Levels 
  • All Star Cheer Terminology: tumbling/stunts (bridge up, bounder, whip/half up, double down, basket tosses) 
  • Understanding Standard Execution and Proper Progression of Tumbling skills building upon solid basics 
  • Understanding Standard Execution and Proper Progression of Building Skills hand/body movements, grips, control of flyer, flyer body positions 
  • Understanding & Execution of Tumbling Skills: building upon solid basics 
  • How to compete: mental toughness, how to successfully fail, control anxiety, enjoy the competitiveness 


We have always and will continue to coach athletes to the best of their ability independent of the level of team they are on while striving to build the most successful teams. In our sport, scores are essentially based on two elements: the “Difficulty” that is incorporated within the routine and the “Technique”- how well in which the team executes the skills.

We strive for success by building each team so that there is a high percentage of athletes able to execute ELITE LEVEL skills for that level with EXCELLENT technique as well as the max age for the level. EXECUTION of a skill is defined as being able to perform the skill without hesitation while under aerobic stress (during the routine). There will however always be exceptions in which a team may need an athlete who falls outside of these parameters and is placed on a team for a specific skill set.


  • Age grid (maximizing age limit) 
  • “Execution of skills” – skills that can be performed on blue without hesitation and under aerobic stress 
  • Tumbling, Stunt Ability 
  • Variability of Athlete (can the athlete fly and base, primary and secondary) 
  • Jumps (height, toe point, arm placement) 
  • Performability/Maturity 
  • Experience within the stunt position & years spent at a particular level 
  • A large portion of team placements will rely on athlete evaluation from previous seasons (coachability, work ethic, attitude, attendance, skill retention)

Teams are created through a placement process.

Full Seaon team tryouts are in
May and commit for a one year term.

Prep Season team tryouts are in August and commit
through April of the following year.

New to AllStar Cheer?

Ages 6-18
Mini – Youth – Junior – Senior
Levels 1-6

What is AllStar Cheer?
Brand NEW All-Star Athletes
Our sport incorporates high flying, pyramid building, basket toss throwing, gymnastics tumbling - dynamic athletic skills. We jump, tumble, stunt, and dance.
What is AllStar Cheer?
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
Commitment Required
In this incredible sport - every athlete counts. This sport does not have 2nd string or athletes that ride the bench. When your athlete makes a team - they will be part of a larger group that only functions when everyone is present. It's not only a time commitment with required attendance - it's also a financial commitment with traveling and monetary requirements.
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
Life Lessons
Check out our packet of information
Probably the most valuable aspects to our program are the life lessons that are learned through our unique endeavor. Accountability, teamwork, confidence, hard work begin the list. Along with time commitment, responsibility, sacrifice, and persistence. But these are only a handful of the many many life lessons that are built through our program. We instill discipline and perseverance with humility and respect to create character and integrity in each and every athlete within our program.
Life Lessons
Our daughters have been going since they were 3 and have grown so much in confidence and ability. The staff encourage and push them to try and exceed there own new and mastered skills. I highly recommend you to check Elite Cheer for yourself.
Chad England
Chad England
April 1, 2021.
Our family has been with Elite for several years and expect to be for many more years.
Private Reviewer
Private Reviewer
March 30, 2021.
I find this so fun I’m on level two but I would totally recommend it the coaches are very strict but very nice they actually give everyone the same amount of attention !! The place is safe. Look my mom was late yesterday so I waited in the lobby next to the front staff and bam here I am I know this review was kind of long but now it’s done bye!!
P k
P k
January 22, 2021.
Great atmosphere. I love the workouts here.
Charles Heath
Charles Heath
November 14, 2020.
It's a great place to train
sean westbrook
sean westbrook
September 15, 2020.
Good workout very helpful
Jay Kunz
Jay Kunz
July 17, 2020.
Elite cheer
Caden Vermule
Caden Vermule
July 17, 2020.