Elite Cheer offers tumbling, stunting, & cheer prep classes taught by qualified-certified instructors. Designed to teach pre-kindergarten through college level, we have a multitude of classes to fit your needs! With over 100+ years of coaching experience and 25 years in business we have developed a unique and effective progressive system to deliver the best results in the shortest time possible. Call or click today for a free skill assessment and free class at our world class training center! No commitment required. Classes start at just $65 a month.


Mighty Tumblers

This class is a developmental class for kindergarten aged students that are younger than regular class students.  The athletes will learn a basic understanding of terminology and will be progressing in their fundamental skills.  Basic skills taught include: forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.  Learning basic movements to develop core strength, body awareness, and the ability to follow directions are the primary focus of our Might Tumblers.


Level 1 Tumbling

Level 1 - Beginning -- This is a tumbling class designed to develop basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to the next level. This class focuses on the basics including: forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, flexibility, body awareness, and body control.  Introducing fundamental concepts are a major part of this class.


Level 1.5 Tumbling

Level 1.5 - Beginning – In this tumbling class – students have learned simple basics and understand basic terminology.  1.5 is designed to further develop basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to the harder skills. Being able to do forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs without help from an instructor is required for this class.  Back Walk overs, flexibility, body awareness, and body control are fundamental to continued development.


Level 2 Tumbling

Level 2 Beginning Tumbling -- This class begins the introduction to standing back handsprings (airborne skills) where students begin to develop the power and strength to do airborne skills.  Airborne means an athletes body leaves the ground completely.  Within a snapshot in time you’d see these athletes completely inverted without any body part touching the floor.  This tumbling class continues to develop basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to more difficult skills. This class focuses on increased development of strength for intermediate tumbling.  More complex drills are introduced to improve flexibility, body awareness, and body control. Standing back handsprings as well as roundoff connection drills are a major part of this class.


Level 2.5 Tumbling

Level 2.5 Intermediate Tumbling – Progressing to this class begins the process of connecting elements of tumbling.  This class begins the intermediate range of our program.  Roundoffs into back handsprings, multiple connected back handsprings, and the concepts of connecting is fundamental to the higher level skills.  Connecting multiple different skills learned prior in a beginning classes is the key concept of intermediate tumbling.  Athletes have near mastery of level 1 skills at this stage in training.  Connecting standing back handsprings as well as roundoff back handsprings are a major part of this class.


Level 3 Tumbling

Level 3 Intermediate Tumbling – This class is where athletes begin to learn “TO FLIP” and are for those athletes that have developed the standing handspring on their own as well as a round off back hand-spring.  These athletes will be working on standing multiples, learning to “SET”  as well as running round-off back hand-spring “backtucks”.  The standing backtuck can also be introduced at this level!


Level 4 Tumbling

Level 4 Advanced Tumbling – Introducing – “ADVANCED” tumbling.  The Level 4 class is designed for those athletes who have progressed past the intermediate skills of level 3.  These athletes will have standing multiple back-handspring as well as run tumbling Roundoff back handspring backs by themselves and be working on standing back-flips.  Skills to be worked include:  proper layouts, and bounder series (mixies) passes - connecting flips and whip-its to other tumbling skills.


Level 5 Tumbling

The Advanced Tumbling – our highest tumbling class is for the 'Elite' tumblers who mastered all the basics and fundamentals.  A proper layout is mandatory to reach this level.  Skills being learned include:  full twisting layouts as well as double fulls.  Also - front tumbling, rudy's (1 1/2 front fulls) and much much more!!


Open Gym

Open Gym is an unstructured but supervised fun class. Any Elite Cheer member can come but you need to be willing to work - no horse play is allowed. Open gyms are CLOSED to the public - you must pay the registration fee and be a member of Elite Cheer in order to attend! $10 for members pay as you play!


Group Class

Group Class are designed for high school squads, dance companies, and collegiate teams to name a few. There are special rates and discounts along with perks for all groups.