All classes below build upon the next. In order to achieve the next level - each athlete must show a high level of understanding of the bullet points prior to that level.

Tiny Tumblers

Ages 3-5

The Tiny Tots class is a developmental class for the pre-kindergarden students that incorporates tumbling. Basic skills taught include:

  • Lunge Teeter Hold Lung
  • Superman Hold and 6″ Hollow
  • Frog Hop Over Box – Both Ways
  • Headstand Against Wall
  • Forward Roll (ie – Egg Roll)

Other fundamentals taught are discipline, how to stand in line, taking turns, and basic body control.

Mighty Tumblers

Ages 5-6

This class is for those younger students that are between the level tumbling and tiny tumblers. Basic skills taught include:

  • Kick Handstand Wall to Lunge
  • Forward Roll On Cheese
  • Cartwheel Over Box – Split Kick
  • Walk Up Wall To Handstand
  • Bridge Up

Level 1

Ages 7+

Level 1 – Beginning — This is a tumbling class designed to develop basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to the next level. Basic skills taught include:

  • Kick Handstand to Wall
  • Forward Roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Sit Throw Jump Onto Pit
  • Bridge Down

Level 1.5

Ages 7+

Level 1.5 – Beginning — This is a tumbling class that continues to develop basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to the harder skills. Basic skills taught include:

  • Kick Handstand Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll (Tucked)
  • Round Off On Floor
  • Sit Throw Jump Over Rolly
  • Bridge Kickover Off Panel

Level 2

Ages 7+

Level 2 Beginning — This class introduces more dynamic basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to more difficult skills. Basic skills taught include:

  • Front Handspring Off Boxes
  • Back Extension Roll Off Panel
  • Rount Off Rebound Flat Back Off
  • Tumble Trak
  • Back Handspring Anywhere
  • Back Limber Kick Over

Level 2.5

Ages 7+

Level 2.5 Beginning — This class continues the more dynamic basic tumbling fundamentals needed to progress to more difficult skills. Basic skills taught include:

  • Front Handspring
  • Concept of Front & Back Flips (Trampoline)
  • Round Off Back Handspring
  • Standing Back Handspring
  • Back Walkover

Level 3

Ages 7+

Level 3 Tumbling is for those athletes that have developed the standing handspring on their own as well as a round off back hand-spring. These athletes will be working on standing multiples and running round-off back hand-spring backs. The standing back will also be introduced at this level! Standard skills taught include:

  • Round Off Mulitiple BackHandspring
  • Punch Front on Rodfloor
  • Standing Multiple BackHandsprings
  • Standing Back On Cheese
  • Back Handspring Back on Tumble Trak

Level 3.5

Ages 7+

Level 3.5 Tumbling continues the development of intermediate tumbling with emphasis on more dynamic explosive movement. Standard skills taught include:

  • Round Off BackHandspring Back Flip
  • Punch Front
  • Jump Multiple BackHandsprings
  • Standing Back Flip
  • Layout on Trampoline

Level 4

Ages 7+

Level 4 Advanced Tumbling – The Level 4 class is for those who have progressed past the intermediate skills of level 3. These athletes will have standing multiple back-handspring as well as run tumbling Roundoff BackHandspring Backs by themselves. Skills taught include:

  • Round Off BackHandspring Layout
  • Front Flip to Round Off
  • Multiple BackHandsprings to a Back Flip
  • Toe Touch Back Flip
  • Connections and Bounders on Tumble Trak

Level 5

Ages 7+

Level 5 — The Advanced Tumbling class is for the ‘Elite’ tumblers who mastered all the basics and fundamentals. A proper layout is mandatory to reach this level. Advanced skills taught include:

  • Connection / Bounder to Full Twisting Layout
  • Front Twisting (Barani / Full)
  • Multiple BackHandsprings to a Full
  • Back Flip BackHandspring
  • Round Off BackHandspring Full

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Our daughters have been going since they were 3 and have grown so much in confidence and ability. The staff encourage and push them to try and exceed there own new and mastered skills. I highly recommend you to check Elite Cheer for yourself.
Chad England
Chad England
April 1, 2021.
Our family has been with Elite for several years and expect to be for many more years.
Private Reviewer
Private Reviewer
March 30, 2021.
I find this so fun I’m on level two but I would totally recommend it the coaches are very strict but very nice they actually give everyone the same amount of attention !! The place is safe. Look my mom was late yesterday so I waited in the lobby next to the front staff and bam here I am I know this review was kind of long but now it’s done bye!!
P k
P k
January 22, 2021.
Great atmosphere. I love the workouts here.
Charles Heath
Charles Heath
November 14, 2020.
It's a great place to train
sean westbrook
sean westbrook
September 15, 2020.
Good workout very helpful
Jay Kunz
Jay Kunz
July 17, 2020.
Elite cheer
Caden Vermule
Caden Vermule
July 17, 2020.