Elite Cheer prides itself on having not only qualified, certified staff but also some of the top in the country.  All staff have been credentialed through a rigorous process under the USASF (United States All-Star Federation) - of which the owners are state directors.  Our staff have trained with top coaches across the country including Olympic Gymnastics Mens Coach Fransis Allen, UNL Womens Gymnastics coach of the Year Dan Kendig, the all time Collegiate National Champion Cheerleading Learder James Speed.  All of which are considered personal friends and whom we look to for continued training and guidance in coaching skills.

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Elite Cheer prides itself on having some of the best staff in the country.  By maintaining an open mind about training and implenting new and exciting methods, learned from top coaches nationwide, we have become one of the premier gyms in the country.  Our staff has been trained and continues to train with only the best.  Including : Francis Allen - former Mens Olympic gymnastics coach and the University of Nebraska - Lincoln mens head coach; Dan Kendig - the University of Nebraska Womens Gymnastics head coach; & James Speed - the University of Louisville, KY head cheerleading coach (winning numerous national titles)

Lance Stoltenberg (Founder - Co-owner)

Lance Stoltenberg was a collegiate gymnast his freshman year at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and after sustaining a gymnastics career ending injury he later became a cheerleader at the University. He earned top honors in cheerleading including three Collegiate All American Awards from NCA (National Cheerleaders Association), as well as back to back Best Tumbler awards and Best Stunting awards in the region. Lance graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Biology degree and Masters work in exercise physiology & nutrition.  Lance is AACCA safety certified as well as USASF Credentialed through Level 6 in all three categories of Stunt, Tumbling, and Basket Tosses.  Lance has spoken and continues to speak at regional meetings to instill a continued standard for progress and safety within our industry.  Lance was voted into the NAB (National Advisory Board) this year with the USASF and will continue to uphold their standard in safety and progression. 

Kevin Hooker (Founder - Co-owner)


Kevin Hooker was a cheerleader at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln where he earned three All American Awards from NCA and runner up to Lance in the regions Best Stunting Award. Kevin was named Captain of his team his senior year, and graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with an engineering degree.  Kevin has his AACCA safety certification and is credentialel through Level 5 for the USASF in all categories of Stunt, Tumbling, & Basket Tosses.  He has also been a Director for the state of Nebraska for the USASF credentialing program as well as AACCA.


Kevin is also now the chief instructor for the Martial Arts program at Elite.  Sensei Kevin started his martial arts journey in 1991 in Shotokan Karate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  After moving to Omaha - he found a new home in Kenpo Karate, beginning this training under Shihan Tom Scott in Internationally reccognized Nick Cerio's Kenpo Karate over 15 years ago. With Shihan Scott retiring from the commercial school in 2010, he was given the opportunity to continue Shihan Scotts mission to maintain a prestige level kenpo karate school in the mid-west.  Kevin is currently a 4th degree black belt (Yondan) in the art of Kenpo Karate and continues to strive to perfect his skills in the martial arts, now training under Professor Nick Chamberlain Kudan (9th degree).  

In the spirit of continuing to strive for more - Kevin took up Brazilian JiuJitsu under Fabio Santos's black belts - Scott Thompson and Greg James.  Currently he holds a 1 stripe purple belt rank.  Today, Sensei Kevin continues teaching in all of his athletic endeavors. 



Shawnda Hooker (Founder - Co-Owner)

Shawnda Hooker was a cheerleader at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and was Kevin & Lance’s prodigy. She received NCA recognition when she and Kevin took runner up in Best Regional Stunting award (second only to Lance), and also received the NCA collegiate All American award. Like all of our mom coaches - she is a volunteer specialty coach; her area of expertise is stunting and closing the routines. She helps maintain communication throughout Elite with organizational input. Shawnda graduated from the University NE-Lincoln with a BA in Arts & Sciences, and then went on to receive an Associates Degree in Radiologic Technology. Currently she works and has a career with a large pharmaceutical company.

Danielle James


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Chris LaCroix


Chris LaCroix has been instructing tumbling for Elite since 2003.  He originally started at the age of 10 as a team member and competed with Elite Cheer for 3 years.  After his family moved to Sioux City, IA he continued to train tumbling with a gymnastics school and upon graduation moved back to Omaha to continue his education in Graphics Design.  Chris is the designer of the NEW Elite Cheer Logo and continues to train and enhance the tumbling skills of all athletes here at the gym.

Sam Price

“Samie” Price is a fourth year UCA staff instructor teaching camps and judging competitions all across the Midwest. She graduated from Millard West in 2003 with two UCA National Championships and two UCA All Star Awards. This will be Sammi’s third year at Elite. She has been coaching for almost six years and cheering for ten. Currently she is a junior at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, majoring in public relations and advertising.

Megan MagaƱa


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Riki Pena


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Caylssa Cisneros


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Devin Breshenehan



Brandon Otosky


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Carleigh VanDetta


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Travor Uden


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Kennedy Brester


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Liz Balkovec


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Melanie Carson


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Bella Greski


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