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Sorry for the inconvenience but we want to get the teams as right as we can.  The development of another team (4.2) has created multiple opportunities for athletes and our program.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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I just wanted to send a message to thank you for the very generous scholarship you gave to Taylor.  Of course, she will send you a proper thank you as well!  Four springs ago I made a decision to take my daughter out of a very negative environment, she fell in love with your gym within 10 minutes of being  there.  Thank you for not only coaching her in cheer but the important life lessons she has learned as well.You have influenced the very strong, independent  young eighteen year old girl you see today.  People say it is a family atmosphere at your gym, they are not just saying that, it really has been for Taylor.

Rob & Rhonda Newgard



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