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Info Packet -- Available NOW!! Please review all the enhancements for the new season!

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Introduction to the 2014-2015 Cheer Season:

Highlighted Updates & Changes


Team Placements seem to be a time for high stress for athletes and parents. We are here to let everyone know we want to be proactive in making sure all of Elite is on the same page as to where our program is heading. We have and always will continue to develop each athlete to the best of their abilities but we want everyone to understand the level system at competitions dictates there should be a mix of creativity and an extremely high level of execution of skills. With that being said each individual athlete should not expect to “move up” to a level team each year but to stay with the appropriate team level and max out Advanced level skills in ALL categories: JUMPS, TUMBLE, STUNTS, DANCE/MOTIONS. This can be discussed more at Coach Conferences or individual meetings with coach/staff.

With that being said we have created a new system to enhance team tumbling:

NEW ENHANCED Practice: For Levels 3-5, these teams will now include a “tumble split” practice which is a rotating 1 hr team tumbling (1/2 of the team group A/half group B) built into the practice time. For Example; Practice #1: the team practices for 2hrs and then group A stays 1hour longer for tumbling (group B would be done after the 2 hour practice that day). Practice #2: team practice for2 hours then tumble group B stays (group A would be done).

This year brings several improvements and changes in our program that will be reflected on the Team Placement Information Packet.

As you peruse through the packet – please pay close attention to some important improvements

We have clarified the packages for teams in regards to which competitions they attend and how much they cost.

You will see the following packages:
1 – Twinkles, Prep Teams, and Glow (this is ONE package)
2 – Red Package
3 – Black Package
4 – Gold Package
5 – Stars Package

Each of these packages represents specific competitions and the costs associated with them. We want every family to be able to review the packages and express which ones fit their individual families needs.
- The Twinkle/Prep/Glow Package is ONE package and is exclusively set up for those specific teams.
- The Red Package will represent new families with younger athletes and/or less experience in the All-Star realm
- The Black package will allow families that have been here for a couple of years and the athletes that have attained intermediate skills to travel to one ‘distance’ nationals.
- The Gold package is set up for advanced teams and deeper committed families to travel to several ‘away’ competitions that are more intense.
- The Stars package is separate from the Gold package only in that with the pinnacle of our program this team will compete and represent Elite Cheer at Worlds/Summit no matter what.

Typical teams associated with new packages:
- Twinkle –Prep – Glow: Twinkles, Glimmer, Dazzle, Glow
- Red – Sparkle, Shimmer
- Black – Eclipse, Shine
- Gold – Blaze, Fusion
- Stars – Stars

Team Placement Info Packet




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